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  • Μαυροπελαργός / Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) (C. Vlahos)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

For one more winter the Mid-Winter Waterbirds Counts were carried out in the Evros Delta. On Thursday 19th January, the Management Unit of Evros Delta and Dadia National Parks participated in the Mid-winter Counts, which are being held simultaneously in many countries around the world. These counts are carried out every year in over a hundred countries, as part of the global recording program of the organization Wetlands International for over 50 years! At the same time, Turkish ornithologists carried…
The Bewick's Swan is the smallest of the three European species of swans. It breeds mainly in the arctic tundra which it leaves in autumn to head to its wintering areas. In Greece and the Evros Delta, it is a winter visitor and usually forms mixed flocks with the other two species of swans (Mute Swan and Whooper Swan) that also winter in Greece. The first arrivals in our area take place in October, the peak is observed in January…
Few people in Greece know that there is an area in our country, which is one of the most important worldwide for Bewick Swans.And this is the wetland of Evros Delta!The areas of the planet that host concentrations of even 11,000 Bewick Swans (!) can be counted on the fingers... perhaps only some in China!The remarkable thing is that for the Bewick Swans - which breed in the arctic tundra and winter in a wide area that reaches from Western…
The 3rd Steering Committee of the Life Project «Providing a climate resilient network of critical sites for the Lesser White-fronted Goose in Europe» was held in November 22 – 23 in the Evros Delta Visitor Centre. Representatives of all the partners from Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary and Greece participated in the meeting, the first with physical presence since the beginning of the project. The implementation of the activities was discussed as well as the programming for the following stages, while…
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