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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

EPERAA (Operational Programme - Environment and Sustainable Development)

The physical object of the Act provides grants to the Management Authority of the National Park Evros Delta to implement actions necessary to protect biodiversity, habitat types and populations of threatened and endangered species in the wetland area of ​​the Evros Delta.

The Technical Report of the Management Authority Evros Delta "Conservation of Biodiversity of Evros Delta" includes nine sub-projects, the total budget amounts to 3.556.190,85 € and is scheduled to end on 12/31/2015.

The subprojects are:

  • Programme for the conservation and protection of the biodiversity of Evros Delta which will include actions for the supervision and care of the area, information and awareness, scientific monitoring.
  • Vehicle procurement, a bus for the guided tours in the wetland and a tractor with basket and trucks for field operations, such as, maintenance, tree planting, cleaning premises and removing rubble and rubbish.
  • Upgrading the existing network of automatic and autonomous telemetry stations for monitoring water quality.
  • Procurement of automatic station monitoring physicochemical parameters of the marine environment, at the open sea near the coastline of Evros Delta.
  • Informative material about Evros Delta. The production of printed and electronic material, such as thematic brochures, magazine, scrapbooks, posters, videos and commercials, serving information needs, awareness, ecotourism, attracting visitors, education, etc.
  • Programme for Birdringing. Ringing birds in the Evros Delta implemented since 1994 through various programs, it is necessary to continue ringing activities.
  • Monitoring programme of habitat types and species of flora and fauna of Directives 92/43 and 79/409. The object of this action include registration, assessment of conservation status and monitor the conservation status of habitat types and species of flora and fauna of Annex II, IV and V of Directive 92/43 and the assessment of the conservation status and monitor the conservation status of species of birds of Directive 79/409.
  • Evros Delta Management Plan, as part of the general terms and conditions set out in CMD designation of Evros Delta, the directions and priorities for the implementation of projects, actions and measures required for the effective protection and management.
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