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In the Evros Delta, I like to:


Evros Delta Management Authority, in co-operation with Max Planck Institute, fitted 10 transmitters in White Stork chicks in Feres (Evros Prefecture) on July 2nd.

It is the first time in Greece transmitters are fitted in White Storks and we expect very important data from their monitoring. Data that concern the feeding areas, the migration routes, the wintering areas, the daily activity, the causes of mortality, etc.

The transmitters are recording the co-ordinates of the position of the birds, while they carry special sensors that record also their activity (if they are sleeping, flying, feeding) Transmitters of the same type have been already adjusted in two waterfowl birds (one Coot and one Mallard) in Evros Delta again from the Max Planck Institute, which we monitor daily since February. The data are transmitted through GSM network in MOVEBANK Data Base.

The activity was realized on the context of the monitoring program of the Management Authority, which includes counting and ringing of birds. Since the 2012 breeding period, the ringing of White Storks started with ELSA rings, while 23 chicks were ringed. This year, we ringed 29 chicks in Poros and 29 more in Feres, of which, in 10, the transmitters were adjusted. The transmitters are working normally and we are expecting the first flights of the Storks.

Soon, in the Managements’ Authority website, an application will be available, from which everyone will have the opportunity to follow the trip of the 10 Storks.

We need especially to thank Dr Martin Wikelski and Uschi Muller of Max Planck Institute for the interest they showed for our area and for the perfect co-operation we created.

At the same time, we would like to thank very much the Peripheral Unity of Evros, the Deputy Mayor of Feres, DESE and DEDDHE for their co-operation, as they allowed us their personnel and equipment for the trapping of birds.

Finally, we note down the big interest of the local inhabitants of Feres and especially that of the teachers and pupils of the three Primary Schools, which participated in the Environmental Education Program about Storks and also to the monitoring of the Storks breeding. They watched the ringing and tagging of the young Storks and wish a safe trip to them. We wish them the same.

Eleni Makrigianni.




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